About Us

We are ALEX, the Aerospace Learning Xperience

Here at ALEX we develop aerospace related interactive experiences using exhibits, demonstrations, simulations and course materials for students, aviation enthusiasts, and current aviation personnel.

ALEX looks to serve as a catalyst within the state of Nevada to stimulate the growth of aviation resources with a focus on flight training, aircraft manufacturing, maintenance, and research including drones and emerging technologies.

ALEX has a strong community outreach program and our instructors have given hands-on demonstrations to thousands of students at local area educational events and at our display and restoration campus. Our current learning facility is located adjacent to the Reno/Stead Airport.

We are actively working on expanding our range of classes and are looking to build a mobile campus to serve Northern Nevada Communities.

Community Outreach

ALEX currently has a volunteer staff of 10 aerospace, engineering, operations and media professionals. Our staff is constantly developing new Xperiences to take to the students in our community.

Our teams participate in hands on events at schools and area events such as the Reno Air Races. To date our staff has participated in events that have reached thousands of students in the northern Nevada region.

The goal of the ALEX outreach program is to inspire students, and their parents, to explore a future in STEM based programs that will lead to careers in aerospace .

Drone Flight Center

The ALEX Drone Flight Training Center is dedicated to educational opportunities for the design, fabrication, maintenance, and responsible operation of drones.

Within the expanded ALEX Campus the ALEX flight center offers certificate programs for both hobby and commercial students.

ALEX has a planned 10,000 square ft. indoor Flight Training facility to teach safe airspace operations and piloting for infrastructure inspection, search and rescue, agriculture support, cinematography, and news gathering.

Maker and Restoration Lab

The Restoration and Maker Workshop is an ALEX facility that provides the tools, equipment and expertise related to aerospace design, fabrication, restoration and maintenance.

Visitors to the facility obtain hands-on training and experiences building airplanes and drones using both traditional and next generation construction techniques such as 3D Printing. Visitors work with aerospace materials from wood and fabric to metals and composites.

We offer local schools the opportunity to have students learn techniques to design and build aircraft, such as a replica Wright Flyer, experimental airplanes, rockets, and drones.

Flight Simulators

The ALEX Flight Experience partnership with Shades of Blue currently offers a variety of flight simulators designed to excite, entertain and wow visitors.

The expanded ALEX Campus includes a Wright Flyer, basic airplane, helicopter, Space Shuttle Lander, Gemini Docking and Lunar Lander. ALEX offers custom simulations using the ALEX Virtual Reality Experience.

ALEX provides actual flight training utilizing licensed pilots from airlines (commercial and military), as well as certified flight instructors. For its flight training programs, ALEX uses its advanced airplane and helicopter simulators including an airline and FAA approved Boeing 737NG simulator.